A Start-Up Ecosystem Advisory & Venture Firm.

We partner with the world's most influential companies to explore, support and invest strategically in start-ups.

How does it work?

We design and execute innovative strategies to meet your company goals

We continually scan and analyse the start-up market, set-up innovation outposts and source the most innovative companies.


We foster the next wave of cutting edge start-ups through adapted and tailored corporate innovation structures such as hybrid incubators.

We support companies in taking direct minority or majority equity stake in start-ups, making our European ecosystem more liquide and mature.

Partner with the most promising start-ups in your industry

Leverage your industry know-how and our venture capital expertise to create lasting and strategic partnership that deliver value.

Start-up Market Research

We crunch both qualitative and quantitative data about the start-up ecosystem to uncover the best opportunities.

Tailored Corporate VC

We support your start-up collaboration initiative from start-up sourcing to deal-closing negotiating the best terms. 

Develop your company innovation leveraging the start-up ecosystem

Leverage your internal capabilities and network effect to support and develop innovative solutions

Develop the start-up way

We uncover new growth opportunities and challenges worth exploring to develop innovative solution

Develop your innovation structure

We take care of everything from structure benchmark, program design, stakeholder involvement and start-up batch sourcing.

Access to our Start-up Deal-flow

We are working closely with hundreds of start-ups from mentoring, investing to strategic exit. If your are a growing start-up, join us for an amazing journey uncovering your next corporate clients and investors.

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